Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Negative Feedback

Circuit diagram of -ve feedback


Below is the advantages of negative feedback using in the circuit:

1. Stabilisation of voltage gain (reducing noise, temperature etc)

2. Increasing input impedance (Z)

3. Decreasing distortion

4. Increasing bandwidth (BW)

but..... the negative feedback from Perak state was far not so good.....

Hoping for positive feedback to turn 'on' in Perak for the sake of the democracy and the people of

Dissolve the State Assembly!


Ainur68 said...


Is negative really bad? sometimes, we need the negative in order to come out with something positive later. Don't stop to pray and believe in Allah. There is always hope.

Baginda Reformasi said...

negative (-ve) bad-bad-bad
sila lah melawat kesah di sebalik kekecohan sidang DUN MELAKA yang diwar-warkan media TORTOQ UMNO...